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LOUIS XIII Cognac food pairings

LOUIS XIII Cognac food pairings

To give this wave its finest expression and reveal its many facets to the fullest, Baptiste Loiseau, LOUIS XIII Cellar Master and House Chef have devised exceptional pairings that reveal different sensations of LOUIS XIII.
Devised as delicious recipes for pre-dinner delight, this tailor-made moment brings a new dimension to the world-famous LOUIS XIII experience.


LOUIS XIII Cognac and Belluga Caviar

LOUIS XIII expresses itself purely

This opening experience is undeniably the most respectful match for LOUIS XIII.
Paired with the finest of caviars, the LOUIS XIII expresses its full personality, pure and unaltered. Sampled on a mother-of-pearl spoon, the caviar’s subtle ocean notes allow every facet of LOUIS XIII to shine through, revealing the key accord at the heart of its complex aromatic expression.

This union with one of the world’s most luxurious foods prolongs the timeless pleasure of a pure LOUIS XIII tasting, its multiple sensations swelling in waves on the palate. A quintessential pairing in which LOUIS XIII and the caviar each keep their intrinsic personalities while enhancing each other’s beauty. A match made in heaven.


LOUIS XIII Cognac and wafer-thin belotta shavings

LOUIS XIII vibrations and melting sensations

The lightly salted, melt-in-the-mouth texture of the Bellota echoes the suave texture of LOUIS XIII, regaling the mouth with a fine, lingering finish with ample breadth.

A lasting sensation that magnifies the silky smoothness of LOUIS XIII, heightening its plump density on the tongue. A pairing that triggers a textural vibration to exquisitely tickle the palate. Served pure on a small platter, the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota will perfectly preserve the tasting notes revealed by LOUIS XIII.

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