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« 100 Years » party in Moscow
« 100 Years » party in Moscow
« 100 Years » party in Moscow
JUNE 2018

« 100 Years » rendez-vous in Moscow !

After the global launch of “ 100 YEARS”, a song by Pharrell Williams to be released in 2117 – only #ifwecare, in Shanghai last November, LOUIS XIII initiated a worldwide tour to present the project in various countries. On May 30, the creative campaign was introduced at a cocktail party held in the Petrovsky Orangery at the Aptekarsky Ogorod Botanical Gardens.

The song is an original creative composition, an expression of the delicate relationship between nature, time and the impact of humans on the environment.

The cocktail party was attended by leading Russian celebrities, KOLs and members of the business elite including actresses Polina Maximova and Ingrid Olerinskaya, TV hosts Maria Zheleznyakova and Artem Shalimov, fashion designer Ekaterina Dobryakova, top-model Fedor Gamaleya, publicist Vasiliy Akkerman, philanthropist and entrepreneur Daria Lisichenko, entrepreneur Stanislav Lisichenko and other influential business leaders including Yan Yanovskiy and Sergey Ryabtsov.

Everyone invited was able to participate in LOUIS XIII Cognac and Pharrell’s initiative thanks to a special jigsaw puzzle. Each guest received a piece of the puzzle with their invitation and during the event, they formed a picture together symbolizing the importance of joint action to combat climate change.

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