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LOUIS XIII at the Restaurant Guy Savoy (Monnaie de Paris, France)

An Insider's Guide to the French Art de Vivre

The French art de vivre. It’s the way you cut the cheese, open an oyster, serve a LOUIS XIII decanter. It’s a way of sharing and respecting all that nature has to offer, the precious luxuries of life. It’s an abstract concept with precise rules. A poetic experience inspired by the special relationship between a land and its people. It’s a celebration of culture and creativity that touches every aspect of human pleasure from food to fashion, art to conversation. You’ll find it in the hidden detail, the discreet attention, the subtle gesture that makes a moment or accomplishment so memorable. Like the woodworker that goes the extra mile to find the perfect materials for his craft. Like the chef that sets out that bit earlier to find the freshest ingredients for his dish. Like the Cellar Master that watches over age-old tiercons of LOUIS XIII Cognac, patiently waiting for the amber nectar to come into its prime. You don’t have to be French to experience the French art-de vivre. You just have to know how to appreciate the best things in life. Take the time. Savor the moment. Share the pleasure. Raise your glass to the art of living with LOUIS XIII Cognac. Cheers!

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