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LOUIS XIII four Cellar Masters reunited
LOUIS XIII THE LEGACY : signed by the four Cellar Masters
LOUIS XIII tasting with Baptiste Loiseau

Four Cellar Masters reunited: momentous occasions in LOUIS XIII history

2017 has been a special year for LOUIS XIII Cellar Masters! André Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet and Baptiste Loiseau, LOUIS XIII's four Cellar Masters, have twice been reunited for two historic occasions.

In June, LOUIS XIII paid tribute to its unique legacy with an exceptional event uniting its four Cellar Masters. A select group of guests and LOUIS XIII connoisseurs had the privilege of attending a once‐in‐alifetime occasion as, for the first time, four generations of LOUIS XIII Cellar Masters came together to share their personal experiences as the guardians of LOUIS XIII. At the Domaine du Grollet, the family home in the LOUIS XIII heartland of Grande Champagne, the three former Cellar Masters joined their successor and current Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau. They shared the emotion of their initial encounter with LOUIS XIII, the moment of truth on completing, for the time, their final assembly of eaux‐de‐vie set aside by their predecessors, and their pride at entrusting the keys of this legacy to future generations.The emotional experience of the four Cellar Masters was touchingly evident: fond smiles, knowing glances, a genuine kinship and an intimate rapport that speaks louder than words…woven by LOUIS XIII.

A few months later, in September, LOUIS XIII's four Cellar Masters were brought together again in Cognac, to sign the ultimate series of the Legacy Limited Edition. An important moment for the four of them as it brought this exclusive Limited Edition to its conclusion. These two very special meetings have created the perfect ending for the beautiful Legacy story.

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