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Heritage Past Present exhibition in Beijing
Heritage Past Present exhibition in Beijing
Baptiste Loiseau at the Heritage Past Present exhibition in Beijing
June 26 – July 23, 2017

LOUIS XIII Heritage Past Present Finale & Exhibition

<Heritage: Past Present> is an art project aimed to support the preservation and transmission of Chinese craftsmanship, initiated by NCAF (New Century Art Foundation), a public welfare foundation. LOUIS XIII has been strongly supporting this project, as the influence of traditional crafts on contemporary art is a direct parallel to the Creative Genius behind LOUIS XIII. Since 2014, LOUIS XIII has invited numerous contemporary artists and cultural academics to consider the issues of inheritance of traditional Chinese craftsmanship as well as the discontinuity in contemporary art, seeking to celebrate their noble cause with culturally-minded individuals who support this cause.

As Chief Honorary Sponsor of <Heritage: Past Present> art project, LOUIS XIII hosted a Finale Gala Dinner in Beijing on June 26th, to pay tribute to the 3-year journey. The private gala was attended by patrons and influential guests from all over China, and honored by the presence of LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau. Then, from June 28th to July 23rd, the prestigious National Opera House in Beijing housed the exhibition of the 3-year achievements of <Heritage: Past Present>. Educational programs sessions, encounters with craftsmen and artists were organized to draw public's attention to Chinese disappearing arts.

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