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LOUIS XIII honours its cellar master's contribution in a unique, once-in-history limited edition.

LOUIS XIII The Legacy proudly unites four LOUIS XIII Cellar Masters around a rare and precious decanter: personally and individually hand-signed, each fine crystal magnum stands as a monument to the savoir-faire they have passed on and shared.

This is the only time these four cellar masters will be brought together in a hand-signed testament to their craft. A very special limited edition to collect and treasure, LOUIS XIII The Legacy is a prized possession available to few in the world in just 500 decanters, no two of which are alike. Housed in an elegant coffret made of fine Italian calfskin leather and bearing a numbered plaque, each crystal magnum is personally and directly signed by each cellar master.

Just as the cellar masters preserve the art and savoir-faire of their predecessors, so too this very special edition preserves their legacy.

Available on demand:

1.5 L / 1.75 L (US only)

"The cellar master selecting the eaux-de-vies today will never taste the fruit of his work.

From the first to the last moment, you have to work to craft LOUIS XIII; you have to look to the future, ensure the constancy and consistency of its style.

All of us, with all our hearts, have spent our time seeking perfection in our craft."

André Giraud

"André Giraud and I spent many years working together, we were very complementary.

Thank you, André, for everything you taught me and for sharing your secrets with me… Thank you for passing on this precious legacy."

Georges Clot

"When I completed my very first final blend of LOUIS XIII, I measured the full responsibility in my hands.

You find yourself alone with hundreds of eaux-de-vie, it's a very powerful moment."

Pierrette Trichet

"We feel great humility in our work, the respect that comes with passing the legacy on.

My final decision as Cellar Master will be to select the cellar master to succeed me."

Baptiste Loiseau