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LOUIS XIII smart decanter


In February 2019, LOUIS XIII will step into the future by integrating NFC technology into its “Smart Decanter” to provide clients a seamless access to an exclusive world of privileges. Each decanter will directly connect clients to the LOUIS XIII Society*, a private club where members can enjoy exclusives contents, unique experiences and personalized services through their smartphones. 

After removing the seal of their decanters, clients will simply have to tap & scan with their NFC-enabled smartphones on the cork stopper to create or log into their account on LOUIS XIII Society website. The decanter number will then be automatically registered. 

Thanks to this small NFC chip, integrated into the first crystal connected decanter ever created, as far as we know, the LOUIS XIII clients will get facilitated access to all the advantages of the LOUIS XIII Society. This private club offers bespoke services such as customized decanter engraving, pre-releases of limited editions, contact with a LOUIS XIII Personal Advisor for private tastings and ultimate experiences, and an invitation to network with LOUIS XIII Cognac connoisseurs registered all over the world. In addition, the LOUIS XIII Smart Decanter will bring added services such as customized gifting messages that will appear when recipients scan their decanters.

*About LOUIS XIII Society: The LOUIS XIII Society is a private members club for owners of LOUIS XIII Cognac decanters.